A Journal of Undergraduate Research

Convergence Rhetoric is a peer-reviewed online research journal dedicated to the publication of undergraduate student research in writing and rhetoric and the digital humanities. The name of our journal reflects a recognition that rhetoric, or the art of communication, is an integral part of lived experience, and the place where multiple areas of life converge. Convergence Rhetoric is a place to make these ideas visible by publishing student research projects.

Undergraduate research brings knowledge and experience together and builds a foundation for career exploration and development. The main objective of this journal is to foster and reward the scholarly efforts of undergraduate writing and rhetoric students while building and simulating a real world academic and learning community.

The articles in this journal represent work completed by undergraduate students in courses in the writing and rhetoric department at the University of Central Florida. Each submission is blind-reviewed by an editorial panel consisting of Department of Writing and Rhetoric faculty, and accepted submissions are edited and curated by student interns.