Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Convergence/Rhetoric is an online, peer-reviewed student journal showcasing upper-division undergraduate writing.

We encourage submission of individual or group projects related to writing studies that help us think about . . .
. . . how written communications are used in our world;
. . . how the concept of literacy is multifaceted;
. . . how writing shapes individual and group identities; or
. . . how topics as diverse as social media memes and the rules of grammar can serve as research subjects.

Types of projects include, but are not limited to: print genres (such as research projects or argumentative essays) and digital or multimodal genres (e.g., websites, graphic arguments, infographics, learning games, and videos).

Submission Checklist

For all projects, please include the following:

  • Your submission (see format below)
  • Your name and the title of your project
  • A short (150 word) abstract
  • A brief description (a few sentences) of the assignment along with the course title and professor’s name
  • Contact info: an email you check regularly and your phone number

Submission Format

Written projects: Please submit papers in MS Word, following the latest edition of the citation style used for the project.
Digital projects: Please send us the video, pdf, website (including coded files along with all the images used in the project), graphic, and/or audio file. Include a short (1-2 page) explanation of the project for context, plus the link if needed for access.
*Please ensure that all images, audio, or video used in a submission are free of copyright claims, and that all sources are credited according to the latest citation style guide.
Email Submissions to: Convergence/Rhetoric Faculty Editors, email: Submission Deadline for spring issue: January 17, 2023