Call for Papers--Publish Your Work in a Peer-Reviewed Journal!

Convergence/Rhetoric is an online, peer-reviewed student journal showcasing upper-division undergraduate writing.

We encourage submission of individual or group projects related to writing studies that help us think about . . .
. . . how written communications are used in our world;
. . . how the concept of literacy is multifaceted;
. . . how writing shapes individual and group identities; or
. . . how topics as diverse as social media memes and the rules of grammar can serve as research subjects.

Submission Checklist: For all projects, please include the following:

  • Your submission (see format below)

  • Your name and the title of your project

  • A short (150 word) abstract

  • The project assignment with the course and professor name

  • Contact info: an email you check regularly and your phone number

  • Submission format:*

    Written projects: please submit papers in MS Word, following MLA Format, 8th Edition.
    Digital projects: Please send us the video, pdf, website (including coded files along with all the images used in the project), graphic, or audio file. Include a short (1-2 page) explanation of the project for context, plus the link if needed for access.
    *Please ensure that all images, audio, or video used in a submission are free of copyright claims, and that all sources are credited according to MLA conventions.
    Email Submissions to: Dr. Marcy L. Galbreath, email: Submission Deadline for fall issue: August 15, 2021