Volume 1, Issue 1

From the Editors

We are pleased to announce the publication of our first issue of Convergence. We’d like to thank all of our student interns, faculty reviewers, and students who submitted work for consideration, making this inaugural issue possible. Our first issue offers a range of rhetorical considerations. In our first piece, "Charting the Stars across Digital Space and Time" from Dr. Dustin Edwards course, Sara Mouradian examines how an image like Starry Night leaves behind a digital footprint that informs and shapes its “cultural impressions.” John McArdle’s piece, “Aristotle and Bullshit,” created in Dr. Stephanie Wheeler’s course, uses Harry Frankfurt’s essay “On Bullshit” as a theoretical frame to examine the rhetorical implications for the theory of bullshit. McArdle extends our understanding of the theory of bullshit through an analysis of the rhetoric of bullshit in political media discourse. Corey Fleming, Pamela Gonzalez, Meneida Bailey, and Chris Davis coauthored the third piece in this issue. “What’s for Dessert,” produced in Dr. Marcy Galbreath’s class, examines the connections between food and advertising in a visual and textual analysis of pop culture restaurant menus. In the final piece of this issue, “More than a Marker for the Passing of Time,” created in Dr. Kevin Roozen’s class, Komysha Hassan examines a personal literacy journal through self-made greeting cards.