Volume 6, Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the Fall 2023 issue! In no particular order, this issue is brought to you by the work of our Faculty Editors (Dr. Brandy Dieterle, Professor Adele Richardson, Dr. Joel Bergholtz, Professor Heather Vazquez, and Professor Emily Proulx) and Student Editors from Professor Megan Lambert’s class (Cameron King, Kate Lovejoy, Katrina Cabansay, Leah Adams, Tori Paul, Ashley Harris, Neisha Carmona Mercado, and Tasha Rentas). Thank you to all of those mentioned here, and the readers and team who works behind the scenes, for continued support of Convergence/Rhetoric!

This issue features three phenomenal pieces from these courses: Rhetorics of Indigenous Communities, Rhetoric of Comics, and Writing and Rhetoric Foundations. We are delighted to see work from a range of our courses. This issue captures well the breadth of what it means to study writing and rhetoric.

Cecelia Hernandez shares her experience navigating her life and her health with the support of her dog. Hernandez beautifully shares her story in comic form, which brings to life her work in ways that words alone can be difficult to do. In “Tee-Hit-Ton Indians V. The United States: Rhetorical Warfare and Oppression,” Sydney Moore rhetorically analyzes the language in this important legal case. Rounding out the issue, Kaitlyn Pottinger explores the rhetoric of reading tarot.

Each of these pieces serves as a great overview and introduction to the kinds of topics that can be examined under the broad umbrella of writing and rhetoric. We truly hope to include more submissions like these in the future. Please consider submitting to an upcoming issue. We are accepting submissions for the next issue (Spring 2024) until January 15, 2024.